Friday, October 30

Canadians, hiding all the way up there.. suspiciously!

Thought somebody might get a smile out of that like I did.  What was even funnier though is someone from a health services website found this site from a search of "BLEEDING EYES".  Please everyone, if you have bleeding eyes don't google it, go to a real doctor who also.. doesn't google bleeding eyes. 

Thursday, October 29


I was having some insomnia the other night due to obvious reasons, uncomfortableness etc. and again last night. If you would like to know anything about me, at all, it's fundamental that you understand fully just how much I love sleep. Not like I rush to bed every night, giddy to sleep, but that I truly need it to go well to be a real person. And my "real person" isn't even on the ball as much as it could be!

I like to have some kind of plan set up for when the really rare event happens where sleep isn't happening like thinking about really boring stuff. After I had thought about probably every boring thing my mind could lobby over the fence, I gave fun things a whirl and tried to come up with some ideas for Sean's birthday coming up.

One problem is that he's just not a fun to buy gifts for kinda guy. In fact, I save all my good ideas for Christmas since the two are so closeby.. AS MUCH as he tries to combo gift me every year and have me just "forget" about Christmas. That means a lot of "hey I need this, or I've done a bunch of research on that thing, or this is really cool so we'll call it two gifts" and my part is saying "ok sure" at the cash register and then reassuring him it's REALLY ok to buy his present this way. This is a fine arrangement if he likes it that way, honestly, the point is he has a gift or toy to play with he likes ;) I just like having good ideas! My dad is the same way, he'll send me a list.. colour code it by importance and give me estimates on order/wait times for availability or if there's a sale. WAY TO SUCK THE FUN OUT, GUYS. I guess I managed to fall asleep at some point, probably around the conclusion which is that it's not that bad having someone who is easy to please.

There are better things in life than gift giving, though at 4am at night I sometimes forget that :)

Wednesday, October 28

A grape!

The rest of the pics is me just abnormally excited about hoodies that look like dinosaurs and snowsuits shaped like a tiny snowman.  Let's face it.. nobody wants to see that.  Me of course is what I mean, because the outfits are CUTE!

It's like the real version of things that look like other things.  How many things can you make a baby look like?  Dare I play my favourite game in real life?  Should I draw the line right now at types of food?

My goodness do I need the weather to ease up and find something else to think about during the day.  Like how hysterical we should all be that H1N1 has come TO KILL US ALL!

Tuesday, October 27

Not that kind of cake

Well, I am just getting over all the food I ate Sunday for the baby shower.  I can't even describe how much there was, it was simply monstrous and also really good so that helped make it disappear at the end.  If I get any pics back I'll put them on my flickr, especially of the diaper cake that Brooke made since it was so cute!  My cousin's daughter kept asking if we could cut the cake, I wanted to tell her that if babies wore real cake on their bums it would be a very different world! It was just not that kind of cake. 

So the nursery is full of furniture, little clothes and tiny diapers that smell nice, and a Bumbo!  No idea why I am so excited about the last one but I am.  It's a sickness! and I won't bore you with it. I had a great time though.

Now if my pumpkins will not disintegrate before Halloween gets here.. that would be great.

Thursday, October 22

Smells like 3 weeks after Halloween

It's "not Friday" and I wanted to remind everyone it's only 9 days until Halloween!  I may have done the pumpkin cutting a little prematurely but I believe that will just add some gruesome decomposition effects for the trick-or-treaters.  Yes, I claim to have the foresight to AGE my pumpkin display. 

Let me just say the fact that we have a holiday which promotes displaying rotting vegetables is kinda fun.

Also I have decided to stop using the terms Tuesday and Thursday and replace them with what they really are.. the "Day after Monday" and "Not Friday".   Ok, off to make some cream of broccoli soup for dinner.. this was a pretty busy not friday.

Tuesday, October 20

Raining Meatballs

Well I can officially say having year old wedding cake is terrible - only slightly reminiscent of actual cake - but of course we ate the whole piece anyways.  I forgot the top was vanilla!

We decided to go away when I was either not sick or not pregnant anymore.. and the not sick part will come much sooner so it was really fun to get to spend our Anniversary day making french toast and taking the best little boy out for his and our first 3D movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! 

The first year of marriage isn't paper like everyone thinks.. it's 3D glasses.  Now you know.

And yes the popcorn was as big as he was, including the drinks, and it was awesome.  Little bee has never even been to a theater movie before and he did a great job for about an hour.. and then told us he'd like to go home and go to bed.  Haha.  Also HOW COOL are 3D movies???  Sean and I decided we absolutely have to see a Christmas Carol 3D, it was so neat in the preview.. and snowing!

The rest of the night, sans kiddo (well, the one that walks and talks.. I still had one with me technically), we got some Starbucks at Indigo and went out to eat our fave dinners at our fave restaurant .. and I couldn't resist having too much goat cheese UGH so good though.  Then the two of us went to see Where the Wild Things Are!  If that one was in 3D I think it would have scared the shit out of me, so, glad it wasn't.

Friday, October 16

Anniversary Weekend

Will include frozen wedding cake :)  Yep it was my hubbs idea to keep it, what a sweetie.

Tuesday, October 13

Thanksgiving Fajitas

I just made thanksgiving fajitas and I may have accidentally made it so spicy it feels like I flossed with fire.  WOW.  If you want to know how someone can "accidentally" do that, I ran out of onions so I added something my family refers to as ammoglio sauce.  It's a traditional italian sauce with basically a shitload of garlic and tastes great on everything.  Pour it over garbage cans, you'd consider eating those garbage cans.

BAD idea on fajitas though.  I broke some kind of unspoken cultural non-mixture recipe rule. 

Monday, October 12

Thanks-for-giving me Swine Flu

I can't believe it's already time for Turkey and Pie!  I happen to know there will be roasted potatoes and whipped cream on the pie.. because that is what I am bringing.  Oh yes, it will happen.  Hope everyone had/is having a great Thanksgiving long weekend.  It's a mandatory rest day so fill up and sit down. 

Even though at the moment the Hubbs and I are under the weather crabs... I am thankful all the time for having much more sunshine in my life than rain :) 

Temporarily though, I am thankful for this picture.

Friday, October 9

Bringing unfunniness back to Fridays!

Literally only one person asked where the heck my terrible webcomic went to the past handful of Fridays, so clearly, DEMAND IS HIGH. As it happens though this past week I couldn't help but make a comic out of a conversation I had.

Some examples we heard were birthmarks of fish on someone's bum and my Aunt looking at a woman with blonde hair and touching her own hair, and now her son has a patch of light hair on him.

Prompting my witness to all this to ask..
"My mom has a Scotty Dog shaped birthmark, what does that mean?"

Then we both got called Doubting Thomas' for not TOTALLY BELIEVING THIS IS 100% TRUE. Haha. Oh I laughed so hard. And I love how God made a scripture in the Bible just for these times.. "yeah well Thomas didn't believe God was real, and he was, he touched him.. so.. don't doubt stuff just go with it!"

I think I'll take my chances.

Wednesday, October 7

Things that taste like other things: the killing you edition.

I had to take a glucose/diabetes test this morning and the stuff they give you to down (in 5 mins) tasted awfully like that McDonalds orange drink.  My throat was burning with dextrose saturation... ick!  It made me pause a little bit, not just because I was about to throw up, but that it was the second time something so wrong made me think of McDonalds.  The first time?  Rancid kitchen garbage in the bottom of the can.. kinda smelled like Big Mac sauce.  What did I eat today?  A Big Mac.  I never learn! 

I need hypnosis due to McDonalds invading my flavour DNA as a child.   Everything to eat there seems not even to be hamburgers and fries anymore.. but some kind of voodoo spell that makes AIDS taste like something you actually want. 

"Hey guy.. can I have one of those burgers?" 
- "Uh sorry dude we don't actually call them burgers.. I mean, legally we aren't allowed"  
"Alright well I'd still like one"  
- "Ok"  
"Now I can't help but notice just you just got that out of a box labeled AIDS patties"  
- "Well that's basically because we do something to AIDS to make it taste good, blah blah.. yanno I really shouldn't be telling you this"  
"That is terrifying but I still want one"
- "Are you sure?  You're crying"

"I'm sure...."

Monday, October 5

Favourite Portrait Assignment Monday

There was a Flickr group assignment on Pioneer Woman Photography section today, upload your favourite portrait! I do not regularly give in to submitting things but as I happen to enjoy her website, and the photography section .. and HAVE a favourite portrait.

Sweater, originally uploaded by anna potatoes.

I've come to learn that the word favourite is very subjective, so for example it does not mean best, it's just your favourite for some reason. This is mine, my hands down favourite.. completely straight from the camera, after a nice autumn walk. Everyone has to have one.. a portrait or picture. I say to you, hey, it's Monday.. share a little!

Hope everyone had a wonderfully chilly weekend! 3 cheers to turning on the heat, and of couse, SWEATERS!

Saturday, October 3

Open letter to sore winners

I personally enjoy some healthy competitive nature during friendly games. It's what makes them fun and the whole point of playing is that it's fun. At this point I'll just admit I am very competitive but I like to consider that a little spice in life called winning at shit. That means I will forgive just about anything so long as you have never thrown a game, and no I am not speaking about anyone in particular and no this has not happened to me recently. I'd simply like to air a grievance... and it just so happens to have it affects ladies almost exclusively as a group.

Dear Gentleman Jackasses,

The times I have encountered someone who has "allowed me to win" at whatever we're playing, I do not call them nice things. Some men seem to think that is a gentlemanly thing to do, boosting a fragile and easily excited female ego and I have no idea who told them that but it's not. It's actually a totally d-bag asshole thing to do, especially to then announce the fact. It is not healthy, competitive nor friendly.. because MY friends don't usually patronize me about things. You have basically just cheated the person out of playing a fair game AND THEN of enjoying the win. Kudos to you! That is so awesome. Do you just wake up that awesome or do you have to belittle a certain number of people a day to be that awesome?

So to anyone who practices this... just stop. I'm sorry if you thought this was polite or something completely different however it's not 1950 and I can handle losing, you jackass. Perhaps it's my fault for looking 5 years old to you. It's just a fucking game and the point is to fucking play. If you don't want to play, then have a drink and shut up and let other people have fun because there is such a thing as a sore winner. That is all I have to say about it.

A better player than you.

*D-bag is douchebag in this situation, in case you were unfamiliar.

Friday, October 2

Mmm pie chart

Ever wonder how long does Bill Murray spend in groundhog day? Someone did, and let me tell you it's a monument to sticktoitiveness. They even made a pie chart! the most delicious of charts. Huzzah!

There are a number of things potentially flawed about it but I thought you might all enjoy reading it in lieu of yet another Friday without a horribly unfunny comic to show you. Trust me I have some coming up!

Thursday, October 1

One need not be a chamber

Today was a tough day.

We've had quite a lot of tests done in the past 3 weeks or so and ultimately, everything is A-OK which I haven't stopped breathing multiple sighs of relief all day. I suppose you could say I hold my breath in situations like that since it gives me no relief to speculate on how 'it's going to be fine' or 'it's not going to be ok' until someone tells me it's actually fine or actually not ok. Before I left though I got an email from some friends of ours' that their little one month old boy was also sent to the same hospital as I was that day, although with bad news, and we had just seen them that Sunday for their other son's 3rd birthday. I had never been to a children's intensive care unit before and I have to say it was probably the worst feeling I've ever had in my heart to be standing there. Not to be self-involved as I was and am still very concerned that they were holding up alright but I guess I just had this strong vision of babies and hospitals completely ingrained in my mind with balloons and smiling grandparents.. it was an absolute shock for me to see nobody smiling. Including myself.

One need not be a chamber to be haunted,
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing

Material place.

{emily dickinson}
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