Friday, October 9

Bringing unfunniness back to Fridays!

Literally only one person asked where the heck my terrible webcomic went to the past handful of Fridays, so clearly, DEMAND IS HIGH. As it happens though this past week I couldn't help but make a comic out of a conversation I had.

Some examples we heard were birthmarks of fish on someone's bum and my Aunt looking at a woman with blonde hair and touching her own hair, and now her son has a patch of light hair on him.

Prompting my witness to all this to ask..
"My mom has a Scotty Dog shaped birthmark, what does that mean?"

Then we both got called Doubting Thomas' for not TOTALLY BELIEVING THIS IS 100% TRUE. Haha. Oh I laughed so hard. And I love how God made a scripture in the Bible just for these times.. "yeah well Thomas didn't believe God was real, and he was, he touched him.. so.. don't doubt stuff just go with it!"

I think I'll take my chances.


Brooke said...

She then went on to say how we young people dont believe anything anymore!

Ann.Marie said...

Oh yeaaah! Sadly unless she's telling me I have mental problems for letting my Watermelon go bad, I kind of gloss over a lot. LOL.

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