Thursday, October 29


I was having some insomnia the other night due to obvious reasons, uncomfortableness etc. and again last night. If you would like to know anything about me, at all, it's fundamental that you understand fully just how much I love sleep. Not like I rush to bed every night, giddy to sleep, but that I truly need it to go well to be a real person. And my "real person" isn't even on the ball as much as it could be!

I like to have some kind of plan set up for when the really rare event happens where sleep isn't happening like thinking about really boring stuff. After I had thought about probably every boring thing my mind could lobby over the fence, I gave fun things a whirl and tried to come up with some ideas for Sean's birthday coming up.

One problem is that he's just not a fun to buy gifts for kinda guy. In fact, I save all my good ideas for Christmas since the two are so closeby.. AS MUCH as he tries to combo gift me every year and have me just "forget" about Christmas. That means a lot of "hey I need this, or I've done a bunch of research on that thing, or this is really cool so we'll call it two gifts" and my part is saying "ok sure" at the cash register and then reassuring him it's REALLY ok to buy his present this way. This is a fine arrangement if he likes it that way, honestly, the point is he has a gift or toy to play with he likes ;) I just like having good ideas! My dad is the same way, he'll send me a list.. colour code it by importance and give me estimates on order/wait times for availability or if there's a sale. WAY TO SUCK THE FUN OUT, GUYS. I guess I managed to fall asleep at some point, probably around the conclusion which is that it's not that bad having someone who is easy to please.

There are better things in life than gift giving, though at 4am at night I sometimes forget that :)


Brooke said...

I too haven't been able to sleep AT ALL this week for some bizarroland reason! HATE IT!

I just end up putting on the Witches of Eastwick movie and I'm out within the first two scenes!

Ann.Marie said...

Have you been able to catch the tv series yet? I'm like 6 episodes in and I still have no idea if it's good. I need your expert Eastwick opinion.

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