Saturday, October 3

Open letter to sore winners

I personally enjoy some healthy competitive nature during friendly games. It's what makes them fun and the whole point of playing is that it's fun. At this point I'll just admit I am very competitive but I like to consider that a little spice in life called winning at shit. That means I will forgive just about anything so long as you have never thrown a game, and no I am not speaking about anyone in particular and no this has not happened to me recently. I'd simply like to air a grievance... and it just so happens to have it affects ladies almost exclusively as a group.

Dear Gentleman Jackasses,

The times I have encountered someone who has "allowed me to win" at whatever we're playing, I do not call them nice things. Some men seem to think that is a gentlemanly thing to do, boosting a fragile and easily excited female ego and I have no idea who told them that but it's not. It's actually a totally d-bag asshole thing to do, especially to then announce the fact. It is not healthy, competitive nor friendly.. because MY friends don't usually patronize me about things. You have basically just cheated the person out of playing a fair game AND THEN of enjoying the win. Kudos to you! That is so awesome. Do you just wake up that awesome or do you have to belittle a certain number of people a day to be that awesome?

So to anyone who practices this... just stop. I'm sorry if you thought this was polite or something completely different however it's not 1950 and I can handle losing, you jackass. Perhaps it's my fault for looking 5 years old to you. It's just a fucking game and the point is to fucking play. If you don't want to play, then have a drink and shut up and let other people have fun because there is such a thing as a sore winner. That is all I have to say about it.

A better player than you.

*D-bag is douchebag in this situation, in case you were unfamiliar.


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