Tuesday, October 20

Raining Meatballs

Well I can officially say having year old wedding cake is terrible - only slightly reminiscent of actual cake - but of course we ate the whole piece anyways.  I forgot the top was vanilla!

We decided to go away when I was either not sick or not pregnant anymore.. and the not sick part will come much sooner so it was really fun to get to spend our Anniversary day making french toast and taking the best little boy out for his and our first 3D movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! 

The first year of marriage isn't paper like everyone thinks.. it's 3D glasses.  Now you know.

And yes the popcorn was as big as he was, including the drinks, and it was awesome.  Little bee has never even been to a theater movie before and he did a great job for about an hour.. and then told us he'd like to go home and go to bed.  Haha.  Also HOW COOL are 3D movies???  Sean and I decided we absolutely have to see a Christmas Carol 3D, it was so neat in the preview.. and snowing!

The rest of the night, sans kiddo (well, the one that walks and talks.. I still had one with me technically), we got some Starbucks at Indigo and went out to eat our fave dinners at our fave restaurant .. and I couldn't resist having too much goat cheese UGH so good though.  Then the two of us went to see Where the Wild Things Are!  If that one was in 3D I think it would have scared the shit out of me, so, glad it wasn't.


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