Friday, November 13

The Solitary Meals

I made myself a pretty kick-a lunch today. Usually I reserve that kind of energy for my breakfasts which before this pregnancy I barely ate, like I think some people must.. dick around in the morning and then at 11am you double over in hunger and go "ohhh yaaaa". It couldn't have just been me! Now I eat it right away, and usually it's some kind of cereal with fresh fruits. If I may go on a tangent, so far I've tasted quite a lot and become a little bit of a fruit fiend. Shockingly strawberries aren't my number 1.. it's Mango! Nothing beats mango in cereal, though raspberries are a close second. Mixing them together is my new life goal. The worst? Unripened kiwi. I had a little suspicion it wasn't quite ripe this morning and it couldn't have tasted more like ass.

This is valuable information!

Anyhow so today I put some effort into my lunch. It's true that I neglect myself, generally, which actually had been a point of contention between Sean and myself until I think he realized I don't do it on purpose. Really! I'm just this self-neglectful. So it's really sad that I was pretty proud of myself for putting the time to try and re-create a tuna salad sandwich I had ordered on the weekend. And a tea! Though the tea was my accidentally boiling water and then deciding to let it go and make tea out of it, so that's only 50% credit I get for that. My sandwich I think maybe I needed a little more mayo.. and a food processor.. but overall it went really well! I even put lettuce on it!

If you're looking to add something new to your own tuna sandwich, you might not have thought of red peppers before but try them! I personally don't like the "salad sandwiches" mostly because of all the fucking celery.. I can't escape it! So the red pepper is a nice crunch to it without being celery :)

I wonder about people who make both lunch and breakfast (the solitary weekday meals) like this everyday.

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Brooke said...

I can confirm the kick-a-ness of this sandwich since I got to have one too! Delicioso!

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