Sunday, November 1

Things that look like TWO other things

I was watching a special on the Bee Gee's and their comeback when I couldn't help but lament on how much Barry Gibb looks like a caveman.  Like a lot. 

Upon a search for a good Barry Gibb caveman photo I ran across another blog which makes the same comparison, and apparently TMZ did too.  Let's be real here people, I never say all my ideas have to be original to be brilliant.  Here's a prime example of how you can do "looks like" totally wrong.

Old Barry Gibb and Burger King?  No fucking way.  Just no.  Wrong.

However!  Sean and I are watching the Yankee/Phillies game just now and he IMs me:

If there is anything I love more than something that looks like something else, it's when TWO things look like it.  And.. that's how it's done!


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