Tuesday, December 29

Last stats of the year

1 week with new baby accomplished, 1 Christmas done, 1 shopping trip and 2..count them, 2, motherf*ing showers taken.  I say that last one with pride, in case your eyes made you read that with sarcasm.  It's not my words, it's your eyes ;)

Also not sarcastic, the fact my mom baked two desserts and brought them over... and they actually tasted really good!!  This is the woman who gives a 3 yr old a watergun for Christmas PRE-LOADED with water in it already.  That has nothing to do with her usually bad baking skills but I just wanted to note that epic fail of an idea.  Picture it. 

I'm not really in a reflective mood right now, just been enjoying every moment as it comes.. loving my little guy and his adorable peepers looking around at the world now.  It's a wonderful feeling going into the New Year and I hope everyone has a safe and happy one!

Thursday, December 17

All I want for Christmas

I like to think he wanted Rudolph based on how important he was to Santa, and therefore a bargaining chip for all outrageous future Christmas wants.

"I dunno, looks like the fog is rolling in, Santa, you don't have much time to meet my demands. Ignore me all you want.. but who's going to guide your sleigh NOW?"

Monday, December 14

Classified for a reason

I was looking at some winter cars on the online classified ads and saw one that said "buy private, save tax"... confused, I sent an email saying that either way the buyer will be paying tax on the value of the car.  I swear it was not rudely worded whatsoever, but more of a "if you didn't know" sort of thing.  I thought nothing of it until I got a hilarious email back telling me

"That's why it say's only pay 1 tax! Pst! No gst! Smart ass!"

I checked again to make sure I wasn't mistaken, or missed something, since that didn't seem like what I read and I don't just shoot off emails to people unless I thought about it for half a second (unlike this guy apparently!).  This is the ad, without the pictures of course.

Ok so, basically, I didn't miss anything and the ad could be understood as if you don't need to pay any tax.  I didn't see how bringing attention to something that could be misleading was wrong, I mean obviously you aren't paying full tax on something used.. that is just implied.  And he also called me a smartass!  So I write back.

"No you didn't say pay 1 tax, you said save on tax.  Your ad also said "no offers please!" so maybe you should re-write that, smartass."

Yes there was virtually no reason for me to write back and/or to call him a smartass for his stupid typo, but if I followed that reasoning all the time in life I would have so much less fun.  I was however not totally amused until he replied BACK to me.  I could not even be quasi-annoyed in the slightest despite the fact I got upgraded from smartass to, well.....  literally his email said.

"Fuck you cunt!  You are saving tax!"

I burst out laughing and then thanked him for making my day, because truly, I am just so lucky to have unusual encounters like that as much as I do and it makes me smile. 

Sunday, December 13

Question Answered

I accidentally must have put the idea out into the universe, pondering out loud as to what to buy my mother for Christmas this year.  Then this product appeared out of nowhere.

And I had my answer.  I am still not going to do it though... because I oppose when she does that regularly.  I'd be like buying Street Santa alcohol instead of a sandwich. 

When you know better, it's wrong.  Also.. really??  a lipstick, cell phone and pen???  You want to know what your nickname at work would be?  Lady lumps.  Or Tumor Chest.  Depends how gross the people are that you work with.

Saturday, December 12

Spotted XMAS Shopping

A lady wearing a pale pink pajama set, button up style, in line at Zellers buying a "Lunchables" .. that's right, just one.

Tuesday, December 8

Pop Cultural references are what I'm about

I've linked to lamebook.com before but I just found a great site that is just as funny but less disturbing.  Really, when did lamebook become mostly about STD spreading, break-ups, generally sharing way too much info and Peepl hoo rite lyk diiis? Kills me. 

Everyone, meet Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.  Because you know you've thought about it..

Thursday, December 3

To gross you out with, my dear

I tend to take random iPhone photos, a slice of life if you will, of just about anything. 

Like these cookies from Halloween we bought that were so good and soft they were basically cake.

I also felt the need to iPhoto the cover of my hospital package a few weeks ago, when I really couldn't help but wonder at what kind of failure at life put the words VAGINAL DELIVERY and a picture of a teddy bear together.

I dunno about you but that makes ME feel better.  I guess it beats out the slightly more honest information booklet title "This is going to suck so, here's a picture of kittens"

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 2

Top Five Getaways

Since it's coming up on Christmas and some people like to getaway for the holidays I thought I'd put up my picks of favourite places to get away to and relax.  If they only had snow!  Although theoretically number five could. 

Ok you hear that, family, we're going to number five.

1. Santorini. Greece.

2. Saint Paul de Vence. Provence. France.

3. Tigh Na Mara. Vancouver Island. Canada.

4. Maldives.


5.  Pottery Barn House.  My imagination.

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