Monday, December 14

Classified for a reason

I was looking at some winter cars on the online classified ads and saw one that said "buy private, save tax"... confused, I sent an email saying that either way the buyer will be paying tax on the value of the car.  I swear it was not rudely worded whatsoever, but more of a "if you didn't know" sort of thing.  I thought nothing of it until I got a hilarious email back telling me

"That's why it say's only pay 1 tax! Pst! No gst! Smart ass!"

I checked again to make sure I wasn't mistaken, or missed something, since that didn't seem like what I read and I don't just shoot off emails to people unless I thought about it for half a second (unlike this guy apparently!).  This is the ad, without the pictures of course.

Ok so, basically, I didn't miss anything and the ad could be understood as if you don't need to pay any tax.  I didn't see how bringing attention to something that could be misleading was wrong, I mean obviously you aren't paying full tax on something used.. that is just implied.  And he also called me a smartass!  So I write back.

"No you didn't say pay 1 tax, you said save on tax.  Your ad also said "no offers please!" so maybe you should re-write that, smartass."

Yes there was virtually no reason for me to write back and/or to call him a smartass for his stupid typo, but if I followed that reasoning all the time in life I would have so much less fun.  I was however not totally amused until he replied BACK to me.  I could not even be quasi-annoyed in the slightest despite the fact I got upgraded from smartass to, well.....  literally his email said.

"Fuck you cunt!  You are saving tax!"

I burst out laughing and then thanked him for making my day, because truly, I am just so lucky to have unusual encounters like that as much as I do and it makes me smile. 

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Junket said...

Dang. Don't you wish all people were that refreshingly honest? Ha!

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