Tuesday, December 29

Last stats of the year

1 week with new baby accomplished, 1 Christmas done, 1 shopping trip and 2..count them, 2, motherf*ing showers taken.  I say that last one with pride, in case your eyes made you read that with sarcasm.  It's not my words, it's your eyes ;)

Also not sarcastic, the fact my mom baked two desserts and brought them over... and they actually tasted really good!!  This is the woman who gives a 3 yr old a watergun for Christmas PRE-LOADED with water in it already.  That has nothing to do with her usually bad baking skills but I just wanted to note that epic fail of an idea.  Picture it. 

I'm not really in a reflective mood right now, just been enjoying every moment as it comes.. loving my little guy and his adorable peepers looking around at the world now.  It's a wonderful feeling going into the New Year and I hope everyone has a safe and happy one!


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