Wednesday, January 27

Adventres in not eating

True story, I enjoy hospital food.  I love to have my nutrition to be completely out of my hands and specifically portioned out.  Like the single serving friend in Fight Club.  I did, however, finally run into a hospital dish I did not love recently.


How does oatmeal go wrong?  I can only describe it as not even oatmeal, it had to be gruel.  Yes, whatever it is they fed Oliver Twist, that is what they gave me.  Industrial grade oatmeal.  I still ate it anyway because, like I said, I trust others with my nutrition way more than myself or my taste buds.  Anyway, I'm having surgery tomorrow which means I have not eaten anything all day other than "clear foods" and I'd just like to announce that SUCKS, I'm irritable and I absolutely cannot stand Jello

I should have added that to my I Hate Candy list, though technically its a dessert.  It's not a fun food.. it's a weird texture non-food that makes me want to puke.  Part way through the day I came to the realization that surgery must be terrible for Vegans.  All you're allowed to eat (I say eat ironically here) for 24 hours is clear liquids and broth or Jello, like I said.  Obviously they can't have the broth, and as far as I know they aren't fans of Jello due to the contents of gelatin.  So it's just water, tea and ginger ale.  Just one more reason to come to your senses and eat meat again.

That, and it just tastes good.


Amber said...

Veggie broth? :P

Brooke said...

Yeah Veggie broth and there is a recipe for non-gelatin jello surprisingly enough. lol

Junket said...

I am oddly attracted to this photo of jello. So much so, that I think it needs to be my screensaver.

Hope everything went well!

Ann.Marie said...

Dammit guys, I was hungry ok I'm campaigning for meat! lol.

In other news, it's friday almost at lunch and I still haven't eaten anything but one pudding :(

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