Thursday, January 21

For my next trick

So, see my last post if you're confused. How did I get the number of the white house? No, I didn't google it because google did not exist. There was no internet (as I know it today) no computer, and I doubt Encarta 95' had that info for me. Side note: I loved Encarta. I'd sit for hours looking random shit up and reading about it... interactively! It's any wonder I enjoy abusing the internet so much.

Anyway, so how did I get the number then? I'll tell you. The Doctors Book of Home Remedies! Yes, I know, how weird! Where and why? Well grab your copy (old edition of course, this was mid 90s) and go to the index.

I know you just looked at the genital herpes, but no.. it's under forgetfulness and tips on how to remember things. I happen to look that page up hoping for some study tips and the white house number was an example of how to group numbers together in a way to recall a long phone number.


I'm sure you could easily get the number for the whitehouse nowadays but isn't that a great story? For my next trick, let's all recall the first time we used the internet. ASL anyone? Hello? Bueller.. Bueller..


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