Saturday, January 9

A girl walks into a girl at a coffee place

I don't know if anyone else has found the Second Cup in Home Depot to be annoying to navigate.  On a scale from 1 to mind numbingly dumb, the person who designed it gets a 4000.  Why does my scale not make any sense?  Because the fucker who decided to essentially have you order coffee in a closet space and put ALL the cup lids/cream/sugar 9 feet away is totally responsible for some girl bumping into me as I picked up my two drinks and made sure I spilled incredibly hot coffee it all over my hand. 

I mean how smart do you have to be to make sure you have a lids on hand before you give someone a coffee to walk around with?  No no... let's put them... over there

You'd clearly assume I was upset at the time but in reality it was fine.  It was just an accident.  Things that may have contributed to my upbeat attitude:
  1. the girl stopped and asked if I was ok and it also wasn't as if she had thrown her coffee on me
  2. the barista guy gave me a cup of ice for my hand
  3. last night we watched an hour long show about a girl who had sulfuric acid thrown in her face by some psycho
  4. having a baby, a catheter, stitches and an epidural needle all at the same time is still fairly fresh in my mind
  5. lastly i don't even want to go into it but if you've ever ran too much and had your shirt chafe your nipple into oblivion... let's say i might as well be wearing a sandpaper fitted tee right now

So you see why I'm really not upset about burning myself on hot coffee. In fact, I almost enjoyed it!  On the other hand losing at Wii tennis makes me curse like nobody's business.  I am a complex snowflake.  It's charming I promise.


Benjamin said...

Andy Bernard knows all about nipple chafing.

Ann.Marie said...

Hahahaha! That captures it completely!

Toothfairy said...

hahahahhaa... I think I'm a bit like you, I don't like to loose too, but accidents like that, don't bother me much.


Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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