Friday, January 29

Just do it

On day 3 of not eating... I am deliriously hungry but the best nurse ever gave me some butterscotch pudding last night, which was awesome! however that is all I can report. Solid food, still NO DICE. Also I have no idea what I'd be doing with myself today or last night if not for hospital wi-fi. Update: and now Sean :)

Facebook, check.
Chat, check.
Streaming Nip/Tuck last night, check... and probably not the best idea actually.
Farmville, sadly, check.

So here's a couple little updates/anecdotes for you, since I've been here, while we all wait for Friday to be over. You so you can likely start your weekend and leave work, me so I can eat something and go home tomorrow.

First! My surgery went fine, although they weren't able to go in laparoscopically so I have a really cool scar now. And you can now refer to me as one ovary Ann. Like Lance Armstrong's one ball, I'm hoping this will somehow make me stronger, faster, better.
Second! I'm sharing a semi-private room with an elderly woman who was clearly having sex dreams last night. It was vocal. And it haunts my dreams.
Third! I find the way this hospital words things to be pretty funny. On the pre-op pamphlet "So you're having surgery" thing, they had numerous subjects underlined with explanations (i.e. visiting hours, what to eat the night before, where to park, what to bring with you) and being a nerd I actually read all of that stuff. Under smoking all it said was..

Stop smoking!

Just stop that. And across from my bed there is anti-bacterial gel on the wall with a big sign over it which has a picture of a hand and the sentence "JUST CLEAN YOUR HANDS" ! I love the directness. Not "clean your hands" but JUST CLEAN IT, OK? It reminds me of the MadTV skit with Bob Newhart.

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