Sunday, January 17

let's not meet like this again, shall we?

I took Gabriel to his 1 month check up.. he's doing great, growing bigger, he even has a favourite liqueur.  Not really but time flies, I am sure he'll have one soon... and a girlfriend.  Pity the girl who has to impress me in the future.

Can he stop sleeping?  Yes.. only to eat though.

Let me just say first that I really like his doctor.. as baby doctors are so hard to find.  Our entire birth experience, I should mention, included a huge cast of medical staff because of shift changes etc. so I literally met the doctor who delivered Gabriel about 20 mins beforehand.  You can just imagine the hours of hilarious "monty python-ness" that was literally *insert me in various compromising situations* uh HI my name is so-and-so.. *looks up from contraction and/or puke bowl* oh yes I'm Ann, very nice to meet you.  let's not meet like this again, shall we?

So this doctor I took Gabriel to for his after care I met in the hospital during the rounds on my one day stay (do not recommend being stubborn like me and demanding to go home after one day.. day two was not nice to me) and she was concerned when I said I wasn't happy with the family doctor I had and didn't trust him more than Google.   I have so many worse things to say about the ER experience I just had yesterday but we'll reserve that for another time.. or never.. since I have nothing nice to say.

Anyways.. so back to my original thought.  So I take him for his appointment and the doctor is listening to me and suddenly declares that I look really great, and rested.  I'm all, dude, you have no idea how tired I am today actually.. I only had half a coffee!  Actually what I really said was "REALLY???" because I was that dumbfounded someone would think I looked like anything other than a 12 year old whose parents went out of town and left them alone in the house for the first time and therefore has been playing video games for 72 hours straight.  No but really, the other night I fell asleep feeding Gabe and actually will admit to the internets, and therefore the WORLD that I dropped the bottle on his head.  I do not know how or why I was holding the bottle above him (he's fine) but there you go.  I flat out fell asleep mid motion.  People, cherish your sleep.  Those sweet delicious consecutive sleep hours.  Hug your sleep every once in a while and tell it how much you love it because you never know when it will be gone.  I miss its warmness.

What I miss more right now is being cyst-less.. it's stolen the last two days from me and the ability to fully enjoy a Mr. Maker craft birthday party for my wonderful super SILLY newly 4 year old bubbs-a-bees.

I think he had tonnes of fun anyway, Sean did a great job.  He got the sweetest candy apple red trike ever.. so hopefully I will be here to see him ride it tomorrow (his actual birthday) and not be stuck in the ER again.  And maybe take him to a "big theater movie" like I wanted to, if I'm real real lucky.  Oh, cyst.. look at that sweet face, how could you???!

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Toothfairy said...

hahaha hug your sleep, I feel you... sort of.. not in the same way, but I still suffer from insomnia every now and then!

Gabriel looks really cute!


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