Wednesday, January 6

Oh. Dear.

I was browsing holiday pics my friend Andrea, who now lives in Calgary for those at home not familiar, and her Christmas tree was hilarious. First of all her boyfriend specifically picked it out and cut it down so no, it's not a fake tree. Second, I'll remind you it's Calgary and not Bermuda so I assume there is an abundance of trees to choose from. Third, the top of the tree (not pictured here) was a carboard cut out of Chef Tony Angel. That's just funny right there.

And finally, it's so obviously the Charlie Brown tree.

However, I don't know what's funnier.. intentionally cutting down a Charlie Brown tree for Christmas or not knowing you have a Christmas Charlie Brown tree until everybody refers to it as that. They apparently fall into the latter lol. I just had to share it. I mean seriously, the lights are meatier than the tree! The only thing I can imagine that is actually keeping that tree upright is the holy spirit.

Also, the new year's first edition of things that look like other things.

Steve Jobs circa 1980s

Stand up comic Demitri Martin

Let's see that again..
Steve Jobs in the 1980s



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