Saturday, January 23

The only thing they like more than ham..

That's so funny, people totally stare at my circumstances all the time. Let me thank you again Jesus for the Jersey Shore. This isn't even a photo I made, this is his official twitter background!!!! @itsthesituation

I bet he caps the first two letters of a word for some awesome reason that I can't even think of, like every word he says is so fist pumpingly awesome that it beefed the second one up automatically.

And if it were a movie... they totally nailed Nick Lachey

I love it! Craig Ferguson finally said something funny.


Brooke said...

I love that you're following "The Situation" on Twitter! you are such a nerd!

Ann.Marie said...

technically i'm not 'following' the situation.. i think getting his twitter updates regularly would make me sad lol

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