Wednesday, January 20

You Complete Me

Four main events have changed the course of my life, in hilariousness. One of them happened before I was born; the day after the telephone was invented. The first day everyone was really impressed with the the actual phone, but the day after they realized they could prank call each other. Being that there were only two phones at the time, it only got funnier in later years. The second thing that happened was in March/April of 1994. My entire birthday party of guests and I, having to wait for the DVD player to be hooked up for movies, decided to prank call the following:

  1. a shrimp place
  2. funny names
  3. the whitehouse
The latter of which being EPIC in hilariousness mainly due to the receptionist having a southern accent. If you'd like to know how I got the number for the whitehouse, as many many people have asked me over the years, I will tell you. Tomorrow.

The third occurred around 2003 with the discovery of IP relay, where someone has to say what you type NOMATTER WHAT and having conversations with random people on walkie talkies.

The fourth thing to happen was today! when I was pointed in the direction of PrankDial. The only question, who to call? Clearly.. Andrea, only she didn't pick up because she's an asshole. And probably also because she's the one who told me about prankdial lol. So I dialed Brooke, with the "what what in the butt" song, and made it look like it was her Mother calling her. When the recording was ready I could barely click on it I was so giddy. What resulted was me and Sean, laughing into tears, and me pronouncing this to be the best thing in life ever. My life is now more complete. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't


Now I have to wait a whole day to prankdial Wes with "I'm Black Y'all" .. and the anticipation is KILLING ME. Have fun with it guys :)


Brooke said...

I`m glad I complete you! LOL And I should have known it was you as it was you who introduced me to the `What what in a butt`song to begin with! LOL So glad you could share that with all your readers you Douchy Doo YOU! LOL

Ann.Marie said...


when you come over we'll do it to wes and andrea!

Brooke said...


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