Wednesday, February 10

C-U Next Tuesday

My brain is proven to be one big mass, or blob, of pop culture information. If you are looking for the name of so-and-so from a random movie from 1999, I can tell you. I get texts, calls, etc to "settle a bet" quite a lot. In fact the other day Sean asked me what's the chick, you know, the one I hate, from that hair colour commercial. Oh you mean Elizabeth Banks? At that moment I became so disgusted with my brain I wanted to yell at it... we could be really smart if you just let us! I have enough shit up there to learn several languages, but no, no... Elizabeth Banks, that's IMPORTANT.

What is the point? Oh, right. So Brooke and I headed out for lunch the other day. We made an appointment to go out and I'd get my hair done next Tuesday, so, without thinking I was saying goodbye and went "Ok see you next Tuesday" and then laughed at my reference. Brooke had no idea what that was about and probably wondered if I ate undercooked bacon at lunch and parasites were now eating away at my sanity. I tried to explain "see you next tuesday" .. and then asked Sean later if HE knew what I was talking about. He didn't. In fact I couldn't even remember where it was even from. We googled. Anyone out there know what C U Next Tuesday is?

Apparently I picked up something from Sex in the City.. a show I never watch(ed) more than 5 times, without knowing it. Extra weird since Brooke is actually a big fan of the show! Really brain... you're such a C U next tuesday. We could be a rocket scientist with this useless information retention!

Off the main topic but semi-related.. does anyone think teaching a 4 year old verb tenses and the concept of acronyms is too soon? I feel like maybe I'm being a little demanding but hey, shoot high right. Thoughts?


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