Tuesday, February 16

A Car Story

My Dad cracks me up sometimes.  He came to visit me last week and on the way home the timing belt on his car crapped out, which basically means his car is dead and needs a new engine.  He is as unhappy about it as you can imagine, since it was in excellent shape otherwise and fixing it is worth about as much as the car at this point.  We ended up knowing someone who specifically looks for car parts so I told him to send me an email with the info on it and I'll pass it along, hoping to get lucky and find an engine for him.  He drives a Saab by the way.  When he sent me the email the subject line was "a sad Saab story". 

I love my Dad specifically for reasons like that.  Just thought I'd mention it.

I could also mention our Valentines was great but I really don't want to rub it in.  What's not to love about spending time alone with your other no matter what day it is, am I right? 


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