Thursday, February 4

Happy Anniversa-surgery Day

It's officially one week since my cyst, ovary and I have parted ways.

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, washed the floors, did baby laundry, took 1000 pictures of said baby, got the mail, took up trash, dyed my hair, had a shower and made the beds.

My abdomen is, if you want to be politely British, very cross with me. Therefore to celebrate my anniversa-surgery

I woke up early and that's all that's going to happen. I wouldn't even have done that if Gabriel wasn't so fond of his vibrating chair that was all the way downstairs, and wouldn't go back to sleep without it.

By the way thanks to Kevin for finding that. Everyone should print it off and hand it to someone tomorrow if they ask you where something is "sorry I'm not doing shit today, it's Friday".


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