Friday, February 5

Let's play a little game

I have had the most odd dreams lately. Odd in the fact they aren't scary or complicated or funny to recount but they are just stupid. It all started during my last night in the hospital when I had a lucid nightmare. In my dream I was totally aware something horrible was about to happen and furiously tried to wake myself up thinking "holy shit this CANNOT happen here of all places" It's like accidentally napping in a graveyard and then having a nightmare. Alright just as I typed that I realized my comparison is a little harsh. I partially blame my old lady hospital roommate, Rose, for all of it since I overheard some extremely vocal sex dreams from her side of the curtain. I said at the time it would haunt my dreams and I think it fulfilled that prediction.

By the way her name isn't really Rose, it's just what we call her since she looks exactly like the old lady from Titanic. Mature? Why yes I am.

Moving on.. so after that day I've been having the dumbest dreams ever pretty much every night. It was so dumb I can't remember what any of them were specifically about other than getting let down by different people. Imagine winning the lottery but instead reading the numbers wrong and being told you actually didn't win the lottery. And then the entire dream is just you riding home in the car from the lottery winning ticket place recounting how you misread the number and listening to bad radio. You know, like the parts of life where it super-sucks, but in dream form. So I am completely confused as to why my brain would do that to me. I must have poked it with a q-tip just a little too hard.

Watch, my dream tonight will consist of coming up with a million dollar idea to patent warnings on boxes of q-tips, developing the idea for 2 years and then realizing that you can't patent warning labels. FMsleepL.

Since I'm lacking on the general goings on, I joined in on a game from the blog Notes from the Toothfairy. It's supposed to be a monthly thing where you just share a slice of life on what's happening right now, basically. I like saying slice of life, by the way.

I like: the colourful flowers I got yesterday. my darker hair.

I don't like: constantly having the same conversation with my grandmother:

"Feeling any better today?"
"About the same as yesterday"
"Are you ok, I have a sense that something is wrong"

"I'm fine"
"I'm sure you are but is everything OK?"
"I'M OK"

I want you to know: I'm waiting for some new experiences with the outside babyless world so I don't turn you into diabetics with all the hardcore sweetness.

I've planned: to getaway with the hubby somewhere soon. attending a birthday party on Sunday.

I want to say to someone special: Not sure what this means. Maybe my grandma.. dammit I'll let you know if I'm not OK.


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