Monday, February 22

Monday Blizzarding

Today I have been watching my backyard turn into this.  You can't really see the fluffiness in this picture I just took, likely due to it still blizzarding, but it looks like a cake exploded out there. 

Another PRO about Slow Cookers?  I'm not so pissed when Sean gets his train delayed for snow since it doesn't ruin dinner.  Tonight:  seasoned pot roast, red potatoes w/ shallots. 

Somewhat related I'll just say I was almost considering selling my Nikon D40 (body, lens & equipment), plus my Olympus Stylus so that I could buy this.  It's the Samsung WB1000 and I just so happened to be given a great opportunity to buy one at a great price.  I just couldn't do it though.  It was a great lesson in the kind of ridiculousness online classifieds have become when I put up my camera to see what someone would offer me while I considered it.  Someone ACTUALLY offered me $150 and thought that was really fair.  I mean obviously I wasn't in real need to get rid of it so I just ignored them but it just solidifies that little hard spot in my heart that would rather smash something in the street than sell it to someone who obviously wants to f me in the a.

This is apparently a family website now so that is the level of cursing I'll use to spare your sensibilities, unless we're talking about the Canadian loss yesterday.  FFFFFFuuuuu..... anyways, yeah so that pissed me off.  I seriously think they should rename kijiji FIRE SALE!  The next Saw movie has probably run out of ideas by now so I think they should have a game where it's just me in a room with a laptop and I'm told to sell all my stuff for at least half it's value or else I'll be buried alive in a tidal wave of centipedes.  I don't know that I'd succeed. 


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