Saturday, February 27

SOLD OUT Saturdays

I told you all to buy the Olympic Vancouver 2010 stuff months ago. I can say that because it's true, I really did. People are now scrambling to find this stuff and much of it is plain sold out. Fantastic for the winter games (oh and hello, Canadian gold rush, it's nice to see you) but sucky for anyone who wants mittens or jackets or god forbid one of the two items I'll outline in a moment.

So even though we bought a bunch of Vancouver 2010 stuff, or got some as gifts, Sean and I wanted a few pricey items for ourselves not thinking they'd actually sell out completely, and now wish we bought them. Like the Olympic team quilted jacket. The kid from Glee even has one.. that hurts.

Doesn't he look pleased with himself!

Look at him with his bags full of Canadian Van2010 Olympic swag that I hope he paid for.

And if you have to ask which item I was robbed of then you and I are just never going to be friends. The wool Olympic sweater, naturally, is the only thing I'm interested in. If you have to even ask which one that is, according to me there is only one, it is the holy grail of hand knit wool Olympic sweaters..

Excuse me while I address the sweater directly.

Dear "O" Sweater,

I'll never feel the same way about another Olympic sweater. You answer pretty much all of my dream sweater needs, except it's set in the woods. Why can't we be together? We both want the same thing. Me to wear you. Oh that's right, it's because you sold out. Well I hope you're satisfied, because I refuse to pay 3 times your initial value in the store for some asshole on kijiji or craigslist to sell you to me USED UP. They might say you're in mint conditon, washed once, but let's face it.. you're used. Why must I pay this person, who obviously does not value you enough if they're just giving you away, to be the second person to wear you. What if they had ticks? Lice? Ticks with lice? No, I need you new. Yes I should have bought you when the opportunity came but the timing wasn't right.. I had a really good sweater at home. I suppose I will carry on knowing there is only one of me, while they can make more of you.

Until that day....


Before I go, don't forget to cheer loud tomorrow for Hockey Gold :)

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Junket said...

I want to eat that baby up with a spoon. If I find you a sweater can we trade?

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