Wednesday, February 24

What's my age again?

Thinking about how old we are is something we do unconsciously around birthdays and intermittently while passing milestones, achievements or crossing personal "age appropriate" boundaries like my husband.. getting a pair of glasses he never thought he'd need. His prescription is merely to see a little better because he has headaches, but you would think someone told him he has exactly 7 days to live. I know, me and my horrible eyes and 13 years of being an eyeglass wearer could have been more compassionate but I mostly found it cute.

I'd nearly forgotten how traumatizing it was to get glasses for myself... I'll admit I came home and suddenly I was totally less attractive than I thought (or so I thought, since that's IMPOSSIBLE) and life was just about over because nobody would ever think I was cool again.. boohoo. The reason this is funny for me is I wasn't actually ever worried about being cool, but I was positive if it were to happen, wearing glasses would be why. Squinting hard, as I realized later, probably made me look less cool than the glasses though. Let's just interject that once again I am somewhat relieved I do not have to raise a girl because as far as I'm aware teenage girls are all drama, expensive purses and mind games.

I really hadn't realized my birthday was so soon (unlike the throwback from last year - almost exactly at this time too) if it weren't for my friend Sharmy ..since it's also her birthday in March so she made a highschool album on facebook and tagged us. It was awesome so I'll share it, because that's what I do.


Why am I so fucking excited? Was I that excited all the time? Also I love how Joe and I are so matchy matchy with the sparkle black tie and dress. Formal win!

Her and I in the summer. I hope she comes to visit again so I can actually drink with everyone and we can chat about mommyhood and how epic these pics are. I might even do a recreation of how utterly asleep I look in one of the pics she has, when really I was just comically hammered. Totally made my day a lot more funny. Seeing as it also involved an OB/GYN exam earlier, I'd say I needed it! Tooooo muuuuuch infoooo.

On the dark side of it.. ah I forgot I'm turning 28. Crapballs. Amazing crapballs. I am thinking of planning something big for my longtime friends and I for our 30th. Hmmm. Yes I think it's a must.

Just the other day I realized 2010 is our reunion year, too.

"And I definitely would have gone to my reunion, but the boat I was educated on sank"
- 30 Rock


Brooke said...

I say we go somewhere all inclusive and hot or rent a cabin in the cold! Those are my ideas!!!

Ann.Marie said...

I see your ideas and I raise you 1 MILLION DOLLARS.. I mean 1 all-inclusive Caribbean cruise!

Seriously, bundle all our 30ths if we have to but this is happening!!!

Brooke said...

FOR SURE!!!!! I think I should be able to afford a real trip in two years! LOL

PS you free tomorrow night???

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