Tuesday, March 30


You'd think the last new thing from this past year would have to be something significant or sentimental, like how I have more love in my life (which I do) but that wasn't really part of the game.  It's just a list!  And one that I'm glad I've accomplished, because I knew it'd be helpful to remind myself I want to do a bunch of new things next year.

Decided I'm going to make completely nut-free cupcakes for people - either for free or for sale depending on how it goes.  I'm enjoying learning all there is to know about cupcake making and decorating because I don't just want them to be nut-free but the best cupcakes, of course!  I put the word "awesome" regularly into anything I make so it's a tall order to make normally AWESOME cupcakes, more awesome.  The side effect is my oven perminently smells like cake.

My last day of being 27 is sunny and cold.


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