Saturday, March 13

Blogger post #500 - confession

I never want to own a pet (again).. unless maybe I was rescuing it from something.

Confession #250 was less than 2 years ago so I was basically wrong, or have had a lot more time on my hands. Props to myself by the way for even remembering I made that arbitrary rule. My mind is a steel trap, bitches, my advice to you is don't get caught in it. Of course, I do mainly use it for this. C U next 250.

Fun fact: Just discovered Rick Mercer ends his show by saying C U Next Tuesday. Awesome.

I think I'm more tolerant. For example, last week when I exclaimed something should be from this decade someone actually asked me "wondering what is this decade your are referring to?" Stifling my outrage was totally easier than normal. WTF though seriously.

I've accepted Lost will end this year. I've also started watching, and become a fan of, Sons of Anarchy.


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