Monday, March 1

The countdown, she begins

Instead of merely counting the days down to my birthday, the most awesome day of the year, I have decided to direct my attention forward and use this time to include 1 thing a day that is different from last year. The next 31 days will be EYE OPENING.. in the way that fairly obvious things are eye opening, especially if you've been reading along all year. Here we go!

I've been in love with watching every moment of these Winter Olympics.. minus the curling because seriously, it's the least enjoyable 'sport' to watch in life. Everyone go ahead and disagree with me but...zzzzz... oh sorry I fell asleep merely thinking about curling.

Jon Montgomery's beer walk was basically my favourite Canadian moment. Someone give him another medal just for being awesome!

Anyone feeling sentimental, here's Stephen Brunt's Video Essay again .. or for the first time if you're not a Canadian and not privy to the exceptional coverage of CTV. God, I am going to miss Brian Williams.

Confession: I made it until the 2min mark before the eyes started getting misty. 3 mins for severe mistyness.

"won't you let your red heart show?
don't you let your red heart go cold
we were given so much and we let it go
we were given so much and we're getting old
we were promised so much but we let it go
we were promised so much and it's going i know
but you look so good when you're laughing you know
yeah you know you look so good when you let it show"
- Hey Rosetta; Red Heart


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