Wednesday, March 17

Happy St. Drinking Day


New glasses that are ready for me to pick up as of tomorrow morning!  Psyched.

A fortnight until my birthday!    That reminds me of an answer on the Dooce community I gave.  Ya I randomly answer questions, I think they're fun.  Someone asked what was something you learned in school that is useless yadda yadda and the first thing that came to mind was that a fortnight is 2 weeks and the first 10 elements of the periodic table I memorized to the tune of "the 12 days of christmas"

H He Li Be B C N O F Ne

I actually memorized 20 but the first 10 is where it's at... musically.

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Amber said...

I made them into a really long acronym...all 20 of them, haha. I can still do it from memory now, 10 years later. And I am damn proud of that.

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