Saturday, March 6

Harvest this

Sadly, Farmville. If you do not know of Farmville, it is a ridiculous game on Facebook which makes you click things repeatedly. I've told you before.. being competitive makes me not so smart. I joined to help a friend add more farmers to his list and then decided I was going to WIN at farming. I only recently had the bright idea of seeing how many levels there even were and apparently on a message board the consensus was 70.

I just like this woman's post because her profile pic looks like she has been playing it for a week straight. I can't go to work.. I'M SO CLOSE!


Junket said...

Ha! I have a few Farmville-loving friends that I make fun of on a routine basis. Ann Marie...back away from the Farm. You'll smell a lot better. I promise!

Rana Naeem said...

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