Thursday, March 11

I don't mean to alarm you..

I have a baby.  He will be 3 months old on Sunday.  I already want him to stop aging so he can stay my little babushka forever.

There was an incident yesterday.  It involved a scary fuzzy bug that was SO LARGE that less than a minute later I'm up on a chair with some running shoes and a pole looking for the thing, jabbing at picture frames and tapping the wall for some reason.  Because in my mind, bugs understand tapping as a signal to show yourself for a duel.  When I did not find that horrible creature from hell, I started vaccuming as is clearly the next logical thing to do.  Being a Mommy I took a good look at myself, up on that chair, and declared that when it comes to large fuzzy bugs with millions of legs... I am Homer Simpson.

My children are so screwed.

1 Comment:

brooke said...

You really need to stop making me laugh, literally, out loud in the library! People are starting to talk!

PS I can totally see you up on the chair!

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