Wednesday, March 24


All I can say about today is Cupcake experiment #3 is that it was a failure. All part of the learning but you can't eat failures. That's a lesson in life right there. I'm going to regroup for the next round of experiments once the memory of covering my entire kitchen in butter, vanilla and sugar for nothing becomes less vivid. The one thing from today that I'm going to use to get me there is a good old Q&A with an overly inquisitive little boy and private parts, natch.

Bee - "where is your doodle?"
Me - "i'm a girl and girls don't have a doodle"
Bee - "they have a no-china?"

Bought a new fish to replace Oscar, the big fat goldfish (may he rest in peace). Fun fact: it, too, might be dying. Did you know the pet store will keep selling you fish after you explode them? They won't even ask you how many, I bet.

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