Wednesday, March 31

She was young and dumb she just turned twenty one

Happy Birthday to me!

My Birthday morning with my sleepy dinosaur. Raaarr... zzzzz

To quote myself from last year, about this year,  
"On being 27... I guess the only thing I want to accomplish is always successfully reminding myself to start things this year with a long shelf life... a good attitude and a deaf ear; and put away some other things on that shelf that are taking up space, pretty as they may be to look at."

I am pleased with myself since according to me I have accomplished all of those things.

I had a lot of fun putting together a playlist that I titled My 20s earlier, just for me, but thought I'd share it for anyone that wants a little Ann Radio on this the holiest of Wednesdays ;)

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I was actually born on a Wednesday so this year stands out.. whatever that is called in the world of voodoo astrology.  I thought I'd take the opportunity of today and the end of my 31 day countdown of all new-things-the-last-year to make somewhat of an announcement/statement.  It's in bold, for any speed readers and skip-aheads.

I've been asked if I've ever considered writing a book, likely because of all the nonsense on this site, and the answer is that you can't organize nonsense!  I mean there would be roughly 800 chapters with weird weird titles that vaguely have to do with their subjects.  I'd also want need to end a bunch of chapters with the word bitches.. with no explanation.  It gave me the idea though that if this was the story of my 20s then naturally it would have to end.  Like all good things.  I've decided on my 30th birthday I will finish this b'journal.  I still have the next two years of some good 20s left anyhow.  They've been super interesting.  Not Crocodile Hunter interesting but still interesting. 

You wouldn't want me to turn into a mommyblogger anyhow would you?  Wouldn't that just be the most blasphemous thing ever?  Let's be honest now, I'm halfway there!

Dear Diary,
his poop was an interesting colour today... kinda like peas + evil.  And he said the funniest thing!  Cinnamon!  Well was the way he said it.  And we had a bunch of boys over for his first sleepover and they played Spiderman for 8 hours, ate cookies and pee'd on all my plants.  It was so much fun the way they ate all the pizza I brought and nobody talked to me.

No, I must insist on being cool forever.  And ever.


In my dreams I see myself hitting a baseball
in a green field somewhere near a freeway
I'm all tan and smiling and running from third base
- my slumbering heart {rilo kiley}

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Junket said...

Happy Birthday with many more to come!!

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