Sunday, March 21


Spring can be marked by three things (other than my birthday approaching). Sweet smelling warm air, budding flowers and women losing their fucking minds and forgetting how to dress.

Gossip blogs celebrate the season by following Britney Spears until this happens. Welcome back bashit crazy baglady! Spring is here!


I am actually watching Coronation Street. Why again won't Sean watch my crappy shows? If Gossip Girl only had accents...

I had my fish die. It was about to be two dead fish but Eety miraculously came to life as I was considering how to flush him. I should have checked his tiny drivers license since I didn't realize his full name was Eety "Jesus" Betafish.

1 Comment:

Junket said...

I think the worst part of that picture is the visible hair extensions. Gross. She is just...gross.

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