Friday, March 19

Still, so incredibly sorry...

Well my visit with the worlds most apologetic dentist this afternoon wasn't so bad.  Just proving that honestly the strangest things happen around your birthday, whether you like it or not, to remind you of your age.. I ran into an acquaintance from High School I haven't seen since we literally graduated.  Not just ran into, which would be funny anyway since I live in another city now and that stuff just never happens to me, but she is the dental assistant at the dentist office down the street from me.  I asked if she had just started working there but apparently I have not seen her there the past year until today.  Less than a fortnight before my birthday lol... just thought I'd throw that reference in there one more time.  How odd, right?  It was nice to see a familiar face though, and unfortunately the dentists office is one of those place you have to stop chit chatting to actually get your teeth cleaned.  

Then I went shopping for cupcake supplies at Homesense.  Naturally.  More on that another time!

For some reason I noticed I no longer get angry when my mother talks to me on the phone and does this..

me - ok well I have to go now because my dentist appointment is in a half hour
her - so I was at the hospital the other day, I took so and so there and I saw this doctor whos jewish.. he's from Israel.. I went and saw him years ago for a bladder infection.. and he remembered my name!
me - that's good
her - and then the so and so I brought in he started touching his..

This countdown I've already used the "im generally more tolerant" but this is honestly much bigger.  MUCH.  BIGGER.

Hiking.  It's almost unavoidable if you saw the pictures of my park to get to the park you must hike a little, but I enjoy it as long as I give myself enough time to get back the same way.  If you don't want to call it "hiking" try doing that when you're 6 months pregnant, it's super fun, and it is hiking.


Benjamin said...

I like the convos with mom segment. We need more of this, and by we I mean I.

Also, the term 'button mouth' made me really uncomfortable for some reason.

Junket said...

Do we have the same mom? I will LITERALLY tell her I have to get going and she will find 92 more things to talk about before I can hang up the phone. It drives me insane. Then she wonders why I only answer every third time she calls.

Ann.Marie said...

Oh i wish.. i'm never sure if it's her or my Dad so its a gamble everytime! seriously though it is pretty incredible right? ninjas could be attacking me but she'd still finish her story as i was being assassinated. i feel your phone pain.

Ben: maybe i should make it a regular segment just so you'll regret that! lol.

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