Monday, March 8

March Loves

A piece of me game for March from @notesfromthetoothfairy

This month....
I like: COSTCO, I could go on forever about my experience at costco
I don't like: that my bag of Brookside chocolate covered pomegranate is already empty
I want you to know: I will complete this countdown, by god, I will
I've planned: to see my cousin Maria and her daughter Ava soon and give her a special surprise
I want to say to someone special: Happy Birthday Sharmy! but I already told her that.

My new thing for 23. I made a Styleboard and I think it's cute!

March by annapotatoes


Amber said...

I want...everything on that.

Ann.Marie said...

fun fact! the jacket i have on there is called the Amber Road Coat. i think it is meant to be :)

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