Monday, March 29

This post is so domestic it's disgusting

If you've ever tried to de-cradle cap an infant then you've lived in my nightmare.  That is if greasy dandruff bothers you... and why wouldn't it?  Reminiscent of old men combing their 10 whisps of black oily hair, incoherent and smelling of wine, cigar smoke and old spice.  Hey I sometimes forget I'm Italian, too, except for these things that have seeped into my brain.  It'll be worth it once his scalp doesn't look like dried oatmeal.. which it already looks loads better.  At least one more round of soaking in the babyoil and combing it out to go.  I'm just saying though, it's major grossballs in the meantime.   

Also I think my bubblegum looking Easter cupcakes went well today since they were all eaten.   As a note, I think whenever a child doesn't call something I made "crap" then maybe it's a good day.  

experiment number one


Slow cooking has saved my lazy bones so many times.  ClubHouse has started making flavour packs especially for the slow cooker - I'm making the beef stew right now!

I'm apparently who my parents call now to get a slice of "normal life" ... how about that.


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