Monday, March 8

Two word sentences

The Oscars... last night... Kathy Ireland.. what happened?? 

She had to be on something and doubled her dose by accident right?  Then had ten espressos?  Did she go deaf?  If anybody knows what I'm talking about, didn't she remind you of the Austin Powers fembots when he mojo's them into a confused twitchy fritz?  

I more than a little wanted to wait until she exploded.  Why nobody has the clip of her standing there as they were all signing off, twitching and smiling like a moron because she has nothing left to read from the teleprompter, I have no idea.  It was the best!

Another two-for countdown.

Realized peeling paint off a wall is a bad idea!  Real bad.

A new iPhone case

1 Comment:

Kevin said...

She has total man hands... which is still better than Megan Fox's toe thumbs.

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