Thursday, April 8

Advertizing lied to me? No!

I imagine fictional moms are the best. As far as I know from TV if the kids spill a bunch of grape drink in the kitchen, you aren't mad, you just grab the Bounty with a look that says "Oh ...boys will be boys!" Don't forget that all the kitchens are basically spotless except for that one mess. You know how it gets that way? Fictional moms, bless their tidy hearts. In real life they'd be severely OCD but in Bounty World messes excite them!

Mmm it tastes exactly like 30 mins of cleaning!

You see when a certain little boy pissed all over the bathroom this afternoon, like it was on fire, what I should have said was "I have been waiting all day to use these paper towels! Out of my way everyone, it's my time to shine!!" and not the obvious which is why the hell would you do that? And a thoroughly exciting* review of where it's safe to pee and where it isn't (hint: nowhere but the toilet is safe). Man, fictional moms are so cool with everything! I'm sure we could all be like them but I don't think the OCD or the daily batch of pot brownies would be all that good for me.

*pissed off


Amber said...

See, I look at pictures of Gabe and I go: iwantoneiwantoneiwantone!!! And then I read this and I go: ummmm, nevermind! haha. Not that Ethan isn't awesome in basically every way...but there is the pee thing... :P lol.

Ann.Marie said...

Pee is a powerful deterrent. I think it's in our DNA or something.

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