Wednesday, April 21

Busy Bee

I've just spent hours making stuff for a bake sale tomorrow. I had a great couple days, too, actually. Lots of sunshine and kids, and working in the dirt. Grown-up playdates and late nights talking and drinking wine. Been fun and busy. I like keeping myself busy sometimes.

As a side note, apparently the bird that flew into my huge wall of windows last year DID die and fertilized our flowers... I freaking knew it. Speaking of, we had a really awesome time explaining a dead bunny rabbit on the side of the road to a 3 and 4 yr old. What is that red stuff coming out of it's bum? Uh. Great question!.. who wants freezies when we get home???

1 Comment:

Benjamin said...

This fondly reminds me of a great Flanders family moment:

Rod: Daddy, what's the red stuff coming out of kitty's ears?

Ned: Uh, that's, that's just, er, raspberry jam.

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