Thursday, April 22

Earth Day

First of all, I just want to get something off my mind about this website.. since we're all honest here. I get so much spam comments for n00dz sites it's absolutely unbelievable. The funniest part about it is that they're basically all the same thing ... (random B list celebrity) uncensored!! I guess these people just keep writing new ones until someone is even slightly interested. OMG I was waiting for the day Ashanti would un-censor herself!

Anyways, it's Earth Day (but isn't every day really Earth day?) so some time spent in the yard, not being a vampire, seemed appropriate

my little hazel eyes

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Brooke said...

AWWS! Ethan Bee looks like a mini-golfer! And Gabe Peeps is being his usual peeping self! I miss them! Can I come over MOnday?? LOL

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