Thursday, April 15

Japanese Food... over there!

My Dad took me to dinner for my birthday and quickly realized having no reservations on a Saturday night was akin to Mary and Joseph finding an Inn on Christmas Eve. Every place we wanted to try was a huge wait - then in the parking lot we saw a literal sign! Not of the restaurant itself, like you'd think, but just the words JAPANESE FOOD with an arrow. The best part is that it wasn't even clear where exactly it was pointing, that sketchy white door? No idea but behold! there is Japanese Food in this direction. You don't need to know what kind, it's just Japanese ok! EAT HERE.

And we did. It was actually a nice place called Bento Box where they had great sushi etc... the sign lied though since I ended up ordering a favourite of mine, Bulgogi, which is actually a Korean dish. I will never trust a sign the same way again.

I'd also like to announce that my experiment with Black Bottom Cupcakes was a success! They turned out like this. The top, you must know, is cooked cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips. Ohhhh ya, it totally is.

I thought the chocolate chips had something to do with the black bottomness but apparently it's only so because of the tops being white.. and, I suspect, related to the cupcake batter being actually very heavy. Think chocolate pound cake, heavy. Needs a glass of milk, heavy.

You can only safely eat 2.

I was also successful on my LAST attempt to make medium mold cupcakes I used with the remaining batter. You've likely seen the GIANT ones from Wilton... well this is 4 smaller ones. They have all been bitchy and fallen apart or stuck but this last time I greased and floured the SHIT out of it so seriously if this didn't work I was giving up forever. This was the result.

I was out of frosting this time so I just added chocolate chips to the middles. Yum.

I packed up 8 of the remaining Black Bottom cupcakes and sent them to work with Sean where they served a better purpose than becoming they newest addition to my hips and ass. I already need to send some people home from that party. I guess everyone at work liked them so my kitchen has been commissioned to make more for the bake sale. Pretty excited to re-make these! Might even try my own cookies on the weekend just to put the huge bag of chocolate chips to another use.

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Brian said...

I know where that Japanese sign is!

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