Tuesday, April 27

Still a win!

The past few days I've baked and cleaned my kitchen constantly.. and eaten the rewards.  Actually to be truthful I've shared 90% of my goods, which is a good percentage ratio if I want to lose a few pounds anytime soon.  So last night was wine and chocolate chip cookies night.  Sounds great if you ignore that my cookies weren't quite as soft as they should have been, and one of the bottles of wine tasted like vinegar and blistex (possibly because we were talking about blistex). Still drank it of course.

I'm sure drunk baking makes Martha Stewart sad, so, let's just say I'm left with a bunch of blah cookies and a need to try the recipe again with sour cream this time.

I said one glass of wine

Um anyway.. since I am tired and the only amazing insight I can give into today will be after I watch Lost tonight.. I'll just share my new discovery of MyPlate from the Livestrong website, which I really like and we'll call it a day.  I'm wondering if I input wine + chocolate ONE MORE TIME if someone will pop on the screen and just ask me if I'm at all serious about getting into shape again.  And I'll likely reply "I thought so too but.. here we are.."

Since I haven't done this in a while, I'd like to share how a night hanging out with Brooke leads to super random things when I go to my computer in the morning.  Sort of like my version of the "whats in your bag" game only funnier and with empty wine and cookie residue everywhere, as you can imagine.  Then I go to my laptop and I realize it has pictures of yellow bridesmaids dresses on my desktop, the ticket check out web page for a Russell Peters show in Windsor in July and my google search bar I had unsuccessfully tried to identify one of the Geography teachers from our old high school.  Since I'm a responsible adult that means at 1:30am I went upstairs, washed my face, flossed and brushed my teeth... carefully moisturized my upper body and fell into a coma for 6 hours. 

Baking bad cookies and drinking bad wine = somehow still a win!  I thought you all should know.


Brooke said...

HAHAHA Ah yes, that wine was tres terrible! Damn North Carolina vineyard!

The cookies weren't THAT bad...mind you we were already drinking the bad wine which could have made them taste better!

We on for Monday again?

Ann.Marie said...

Monday, yes!

Cookies were maybe not bad but definitely not good.. I think the only thing saving them were the chocolate chips and I clearly didn't make those. lol.

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