Friday, May 21

Cupcakes give me hope

UPDATE:  23 Awesome Food Ideas For Your LOST Finale Party (link)

It's like someone read my mind.  5 of those just made my party food list, and my life
  1. We were brought here for a reason(able amount of wine)
  2. "Die, Kate, You're Useless" Porcini Mushrooms
  3. Don't tell me what I can't fondue

 If we're still hungry? 
4. Shannon and Boone Totally Did Eachother: The Sandwich
5. She Probably Blew Him, Too: The Bag of Chips


Anyone want me to throw a Lost party on Sunday just to make Pink Lemonade Cupcakes?  I happen to enjoy more creamy, chocolate cupcakes.. but I have some thoughts on that too.  Throw in some enchiladas and coconut rum and I think we could have a fantastic finale.

That reminds me.. I stumbled upon this website based on FMyLife called LGMH (Love Gives Me Hope) and as I'm reading all I could think was "what the fuck is this shit? that's insane!  there is no way that ever happened."  It says it's an FML for optimists but what I think they mean is dirty little liars.  Ok so your best friend was on their way to bring you soup and died in a car crash, but they found flowers asking you to marry them.  REALLY?  That gives you hope??  Wow if a love like that existed and then was sucked out of my life before I ever got to experience it, I would have tonnes of hope!  Especially since I was literally the reason they were killed.  I don't think I'm a pessimist here when I say that entire site can suck my .. lemonade cupcakes.


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