Sunday, May 2

Daisy Fuentes, this isn't about you

So, holy crap I haven't updated since Wednesday. That's kind of annoying. My day of exclaiming things I was going to do wasn't even a real update anyway. FYI.. I did in fact do basically all of them except for number one; giving Daisy Fuentes directions on where my foot is going to go if she keeps rudely telling me I can't do any poses right. In this situation the destination is in her eye. Nobody likes a foot to the eye so here's to Daisy coming to her senses and not being a total bitch.

This week I've been so busy I haven't even realized it. I've gone through every tiny piece of kids clothing either in washing it, drying it, folding it, sorting it into sizes too small or too big and bundling it up to donate. We've also been to the park about 3 days out of the week and I have a rather interesting burn on my face and chest. I can't let this sentence go on without mentioning something my grandmother said to me that really shouldn't bother me in the slightest but, of course, does. In the "where do you get off.." category of life: my packing only snacks for a 1 hour trip to our local park and NOT a big lunch spread (that I will have to haul back home since nobody will eat it, but, likely will forget in the buggy and then will need to throw away later when I find it). My failure to pack a giant picnic wherever I go made her utter the sentence to me that she guesses she still has to teach me how to live. To live. I know my grandmother isn't "a-so good" with use of the English language and how she implies lots and lots of things without meaning to but I didn't see how else I could interpret that statement. Teach me how to get ready for an hour at the park? Without going into specifics here of how any experience involving my grandmother I've ever had has been emotionally draining, confusingly random and angry, embarrassing, guilt ridden, outright childish and manipulative.. what I really want to say about telling me I have no idea about life because of a picnic is something like.. I dunno.. fuck off? Yes. Fuck off is what I felt like.

I think I do JUST FINE.

I actually swallowed rage on that one, which is new for me.. it felt kinda like clearing your throat plus a stroke. If she just stopped trying to convince everyone every mistake she makes isn't actually a mistake (like not mixing baby formula with the right ratio of water, or giving a kid with a peanut allergy pistachio ice cream is OK because it's not really peanuts is it?) and every mistake YOU make means you have serious mental problems - and and and EVERYTHING THAT EVER GOES WRONG is because someone is mad at her.. then we just might get along more.

Ugh, Daisy Fuentes.. it's not your fault.. I'm going through some stuff right now. I bought a new yoga mat, wanna see it?

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