Monday, May 17

Fox wood

Well, I don't know about everyone else but I've had a very expensive weekend! It's not normally in me to do that so it should be noted, along with the fact it was also very fun... and it was seriously needed. Friday I went out to dinner with my cousins which always brightens my spirits. We need to do that more. Greatest laugh of the night for me was a split between making fun of a certain family member on facebook and their tween-angst dramatica status updates - and Maria mistaking the word faux (as in the faux wood blinds we were discussing) to be pronounced fox. Fox wood blinds. Then we laughed at the fact she's been saying that to people for years!

Anyhow that wasn't the expensive part of the weekend.. Saturday afternoon my new friend Kim and I did some serious kid-less and recklessly fun shopping. It was a good "bad influence" on me. When you start off in the Coach store and the wallet you want is $200... everything else seems pretty reasonable in pricing. My favourite phrase of the day was "that's not that bad..."

So I ended up buying a MAC eyeshadow, about $255 in Lululemon (finally got groove pants!) and a sweet Bench "father's day" sweater for Sean that he thinks is way too expensive to keep. Better than MY buying the sweet Bench sweater I wanted because there's no way in hell I'd ever return it. I already bought the crazy awesome run:energy pullover from Lulu so I couldn't resolve that one in my mind, thus why Sean and I shopping together keeps us in the green, we have the same reluctant to purchase sickness. Still thinking about that one.... I call her, Purple Princess. Also need to do that more but maybe stick to like 4 times a year.

Then yesterday instead of spending it at the Museum with the dinosaurs, we figure they'd still be there on a day that wasn't so nice out. So we bought a patio set! I think the May 2-4 long weekend needs to involve a BBQ. It's also good to know the only way we could spend more money next weekend than this one is if we BBQ some endangered species meat. And seriously, where would you even find Panda steaks at this time of year?


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