Friday, May 14

Front row to the horror show

I had an epically strange dream last night so I thought I'd share. From time to time I have some bloodcurdling nightmares, this thankfully wasn't one of those. For most people though, what would be anyone's nightmare, it was as if Tim Burton literally directed my dream. Not just that it was exceptionally creepy and grimey but it was actually like a film. I've had one Time Burton-ish dream before but only from the aspect that it resembled the scene from Corpse Bride where she appears in the woods.

Creepyyyyy, yes. But even that was not really a nightmare for me, more like an 'information' dream where people try and tell you a lot of things you try and remember for when you wake up.

The one last night was more like Coraline, it was bright and dark, involved lots of characters and make-up. Very welcoming but harboring creepy undertones.

The plot line was tremendously long so I'll just gloss over most of it. At first I had a 'normal' dream, then a dream about waking up to that dream and telling Sean about it, then a dream about falling asleep after that and dreaming something else. But I never woke up the entire time. At least... I am pretty sure, it's so hard to tell with these things.

I was actually having a nice time. I was there with some childhood friends, in this big house, and I met with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. We all talked and had drinks outside, laughed, everything was lit up. I went to go running the next day, got in somewhat of an argument with someone, went home and showered. That person came to see me to talk while I was still in the bathroom getting ready, putting on some shiny green eyeshadow.. my hair was blonde again.. long.

Then it all got very dark.

Someone came there to kill me, and they had a good reason to be mad. I had done something to them and they wanted revenge. They brought either zombies or vampires. I knew I didn't have a chance and all my friends who warned me to get out, as soon as I left, were all burned alive and became undead. I ran and ran outside in the dark, knowing they'd find me.. I hid behind a bush just waiting for them. I wondered, as they found me, that I would give up if my friend wanted me to so I could be undead with them. Then I woke up.

I was not afraid, or upset when I woke up, but it's memorable based on the imagery being so unique and interesting. Doesn't that always happen in life, too? We forget the details almost immediately, but the images that interest us never go very far.


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