Friday, May 28

I vote badger cat

You guys..  I saw a groundhog today.  In my backyard.  Note that due to my window wall that is ground level it literally looked like the groundhog and I were having tea. 

I have never seen a groundhog before.. probably due to them all being picky about when they come out of various places and pissing off Bill Murray (or so Groundhog Day has led me to believe) but you guys.. they are HUGE!!  At first I had no idea what I was looking at.  The worlds largest gopher ever?  A beaver, without a tail?  A badger that had mutated into not looking like a badger at all other than being fucking huge?  I had no idea. 

Snow White did not have Groundhogs

Surprisingly large, you guys.. keep in mind the only things I ever see at my window are birds, chipmunks, squirrels and curious cats. My kitchen is like Snow White's singing, people.

On the bright side, living in a fishbowl of 'nature' is pretty nice for things like hanging in the backyard on the weekend drinking milkshakes or pink lemonade.  I even started my book.  Can't wait to continue it this weekend.. maybe with some BBQ.  Have fun everyone!


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