Monday, May 10

Sparkle Babies

AHello.  I hope all your mothers had a great day of you remembering you love them.  Here's a tip, call your mother AGAIN today, the day after Mother's Day.  Just to say hi and I love you.  She'll be super surprised.

I had a fun Mothers Night (aka date night) watching Iron Man 2.. eating way too much popcorn and spoiling our meal later.  We did a little walking in the blistering wind to get some coffee and a cupcake at Indigo.  I plan on replicating that cupcake later and reading the book I bought there, Still Alice.  While buying a book about Alzheimer's for Mother's Day might be an odd choice to some, I am personally enthusiastic to read it. And when I get really old and actually have Alzheimer's I can enjoy it again for the second time!  Oh hey, perhaps I can make my kids read it to me in the home, a la The Notebook and totally mess them up forever.

Kidding, obviously!  What's Mother's Day if you can't joke about getting Alzheimer's.

Actual Mothers Day, in case anyone was interested, I just made some Strawberry Vanilla pancakes and didn't do anything in particular but hang out around the house together.  The pancakes were good but I did get a complaint since the strawberry was actually cooked into it.. and the rest of the day were more or less a series of equally world ending events.  I'll just add this is due to the cold that has made someone in my house rightfully MISERABLE but I get to enjoy loving these boogers everyday so that's my real gift.  Plus the wine store was totally closed!  I bought chocolate :)

And, as I leave you, let me post a completely inappropriate video that I really really shouldn't have laughed at but totally did. Warning: involves talk of vagina and glitter.

Gets good at the 38sec mark.  Again.. I am so, so sorry about this.  What can I say, they had me at Yay-bia. 

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