Tuesday, May 18

Technically, Mr. Cynical can't be happy. It's his power and his curse.

Holy shiz, guys.  My world is imploding.  The last Lost episode before the 2 1/2 hour finale is on tonight.  I can't even deal with it!

Note: This doesn't mean I want the show to continue because I don't.  It needs to end. 
I just have a hard time letting go OKAY?

That reminds me.. if you haven't seen an episode of Better off Ted then you really should.  Portia De Rossi is hilarious in it.  It's like a teeny tiny reminder of how awesome Arrested Development was, which was a lot.  I don't know what possessed me to start watching it but it's really funny.  Sure this entire post is about stuff to watch on TV, and therefore second-hand entertaining, but I thought I'd add a little bright spot to the IMMINENT DEATH COUNT of one of my favourite shows.

"there's really no middle ground with you. either you don't care at all or you care a hundred and crazy percent"


Danielle said...

I love Better Off Ted. It seems they stopped airing new episodes a while back, so I'm worried it has been cancelled.

That would be sad.

Ann.Marie said...

Omg you're right.. I'm just seeing that was the last scheduled episode! I hope they order more.

If you didn't catch some episodes you can watch all of season 2 here http://www.sidereel.com/Better_Off_Ted/season-2

Goddammit it, that was my bright spot in my rainy Lost day!

Danielle said...

Sorry! I didn't mean to add to the doom and gloom of Lost day.

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